About CAABA-CAL...

The COUNCIL OF ASIAN AMERICAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS OF CALIFORNIA (CAABA-CAL) is a statewide non-profit organization that represents the interests of the Asian American business community in California. The purposes for which CAABA-CAL was formed are to

  • foster cooperation and communications among Asian American businesses and business and trade associations;
  • support organizations statewide to create and expand market opportunities;
  • improve business conditions for Asian American business through the elimination of racially discriminatory barriers in the public and private markets for goods and services;
  • promote the functioning competitiveness and image of small minority business enterprises as full participants in the economy of California;
  • secure a fair share of resources from both public and private sectors to advance the development, growth and success of Asian American businesses;
  • establish and maintain the positive presence of the Asian American business community in the California economy;
  • and serve as a voice of the Asian American business community on statewide issues.


Membership in CAABA-CAL is open to Asian American businesses and trade associations who agree to abide by the Articles and Bylaws of the Council and whose application for membership is approved by three quarters vote of the current member associations.

Members are:

  • Asian American Architects and Engineers Association (Los Angeles)
  • Asian American Architects and Engineers Association (San Francisco)
  • Association of Asian American Attorney and Certified Public Accountant Firms
  • Asian American Contractors Association
  • Asian Business Association (Los Angeles)
  • Asian Business Association (Orange County)
  • Asian Business Association (San Diego)
  • Asian Business Association of Silicon Valley
  • California Chinese-American Association of Construction Professional
  • California Asian-American Business Associations - Northern California
  • California Asian-American Business Associations - Southern California
  • East Bay Asian Design Professionals

CAABA-CAL is organized into three major program areas:

    responds to major issues impacting the development of Asian American businesses. Specific subcommittees have been formed to promote the implementation of:
    1. Procurement goals for the publicly regulated utility companies;
    2. Procurement goals for all state and quasi-state agencies;
    3. Federal initiatives in minority business development and procurement policies and programs; and
    4. the entry and expansion of business opportunities with major American and Pacific Rim corporations for Asian American businesses.
    publishes news letters for their member business associations that is distributed widely to public and private procurement departments to increase business opportunities.
    CAABA/CAL holds regular meetings with corporate executives and government officials to review the implementation of policies and programs directed toward increasing Asian American business participation.
    CAABA/CAL develops policies conductive for small Asian Americans businesses.
    has emphasized the appointment of Asian American business leaders to policy-making boards and executive positions as a primary concern in the advancement of the Asian American business community. Access to publicly elected officials is also essential in assuring that Asian American rights to equal opportunity are not abridged.